Still a Noob

If you’ve come across my site which was more than likely while scrolling or on accident then bear with me as I am still a noob. My site is not fancy or overly creative at this point. I am new to blogging in general and am definitely new to WordPress. I am trying to take some time to learn different things while also still putting some content on here. If you couldn’t tell by the blog title, I love reading. So most of my posts will be teasers, excerpts, cover reveals, and discussions of posts of my thoughts on some of my favorite authors and books. I read basically only dark romance so that will be the content of most of the books I write about. I also love makeup. I am by no means a makeup artist but do enjoy playing with different looks. I have an obsession with eye palettes and lip products so I will share some of those things in here as well. Please feel free to comment or share your thoughts on any of my posts. Again, bear with me as it will get better with time! 🙂

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