Vicious by A.E. Murphy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was fantastic! At the beginning it seems as if it is a normal bully or enemies to lovers set up. However, that changes and pretty quickly. Immy and Kane have really a beautiful then tragic then beautiful story. It does become a second chance romance. I love the way AE Murphy told the story with each chapter going back to a younger age then coming back to the present. I enjoyed getting the different pieces to the story and trying to piece it together.

Immy starts out as a sweet and seemingly innocent child who wants to defend and protect her family. Her and her twin are being raised by their grandparents. Their grandmother is a very strict and religious woman. Immy does her best to be a “good girl.” Matthew is more of a rebel in the beginning. Immy begins to rebel as well and Kane ends up being her biggest rebellion.

Kane and Immy do have a pretty toxic relationship being jealous, fighting, and possessive. However, they do share sweet moments and do love each other. I really loved their love and relationship.

I was not expecting all of the twists and character and relationship shifts that did take place. Some parts of this book broke my heart. There were times where I really thought this story was going to end in complete tragedy, however, things were salvaged.

Immy and Kane grew and changed through their bad times. They were destroyed but after time were able to overcome it. Immy was never weak, however, she became so much stronger through her tragedies and heartbreak. Even though at points, she was barely hanging on, she hung in there. Kane grew but also stayed the same in some ways which was nice to see. It was also nice to get some background/insight into the friends of them.

AE Murphy is the QUEEN of plot twists and unexpected turns. I have read a couple of her books and each one has surprised me. Each book I have read of hers has caught me off guard at points. It is so exciting to read her books and be shocked and not being able to predict what happens next.

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