BREATHE ME- By CR Jane & Ivy Fox

Breathe Me was a beautifully tragic book filled with drama, angst, first times, love, second chances, and jealousy.

The FMC- Valentina or Val was sick as a child with cancer. Her mother left her because dealing with the treatments was too much for her. So, Val was left with just her father. Val’s father was overprotective but not in an overbearing way. Once in remission, Val and her father moved to San Antonio where she met Quaid, Logan, and Carter. They became fast friends and were inseparable.

They spent the majority of their teenage years together. They also all fell in love, each boy fell in love with Val, while Val fell in love with all three boys. However, she left them ten years ago. Now, she wants them back…at least for three months before she dies. However, she is not entirely honest with them. Each boy was destroyed when she left, but they don’t realize that she also destroyed her own self. Each boy is successful and has achieved some of their dreams, they feel unhappy, cold, lonely, and still broken. So when they each receive her letter, they do what they know they have to do. Each character just wants to live and breathe again.

Logan was the sensitive, protective, sweetheart of the group. In one thought from Val, he is referred to as the heart of the group. Logan is there for Val in some unexpected ways especially on her very first day of school once their summer ends. I won’t spoil it, but know that is so endearing and will pull at the heart strings. Logan loves Val in such a pure but intense way. Logan can speak poetry and knows lines from her favorite book. He memorized her body and mind. They share a different connection than Val shares with the other two boys.

Quaid is the loud, strong, funny guy. In the same though from Val mentioned above, Quaid is referred to as the very pulse of life that beat between them. Quaid is always trying to keep the mood light and resolve conflicts with humor. Him and Val share their own unique bond as well. Quaid tries to refrain from being too serious and when things get serious, he makes a joke or says a funny quip. At one point when Val is in trouble, he even asks her father why is he being a bag of dicks to Val. I laughed for a good few minutes when reading that scene because honestly that is just Quaid. He had a very no hold barred personality.

Carter was the broody quiet one with the smoldering smirk and bad boyish personality. Carter held a darkness similar to Val’s that drew her in. Where Val had lost her mom due to being abandoned, Carter lost both of his parents in a car accident. His brother also wasn’t really there for him. Carter tried not to get close to people because to him, they always left. This darkness from grief is what connected them in a different way and drew them together. In the same thought mentioned twice above, Carter was referred to as the soul of the group. Carter tried very hard to keep his feelings and emotions in check, however, he spoke out and wore his anger and pain in front of Val.

While Logan and Quaid fell right back in to Val, Carter struggled. He would give in for a minute or two then he’d pull back. Carter was also jealous and it showed. Logan and Quaid for the most part tried to work as a team to make Val happy and soak up time with her. They each though that they fell as if they could breathe and feel again after so long. Carter was reluctant and scared, she had already destroyed him once. Towards the end, it becomes apparent that the boys may not want to share her but can Val make a choice? Will she tell them the truth this time?

This book ends on a cliffhanger and it is a cliffhanger that absolutely killed me. This ending was torture. It is heart wrenching and there are no answers. Luckily book two is on the way and will be available very soon. So don’t hold back reading just because of a little cliffhanger, answers will be revealed soon. I for one, cannot wait until book 2 to find out what happens between these four!

This book really pulled emotions out including some nostalgia as it had be thinking about the friends I had when I was a teen. I knew this book was going to be sad when I’d read the blurbs and the description, however, I still wasn’t prepared to feel all the things I felt. I felt angry, sad, and even broken-hearted. I laughed and I cried. I knew the background but I didn’t know the book would dig into their past the way it did. I LOVED that! I loved reading about them as kids and what they did, how they became friends, how they all became soulmates. It really was just a beautiful disaster. I highly recommend this book. It is not really dark aside from her being terminally ill. This is not a bully or enemies to lovers stories. It is a second chance reverse harem. I felt this story was on the sweeter lighter side aside from her illness.

Ivy Fox does have some other reverse harems and darker romance stories that you should definitely check out if you like some darker reading though. This is a first book by CR Jane for me and I will be adding to my TBR list.

I did receive an ARC for an honest review, my review can be found on Goodreads:

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