This book fucking slayed me and stole my soul! Liza James is Queen! She wove together the most beautifully intoxicating love story you can imagine. This story has steamy sex, blood, dominance, submission, power, sacrifice, choices, and so much more.

Nathanial is DADDY! He is strong, muscular, sexy, dominating, and toxic in the hottest way. He pushes Stella away so hard and then slowly pulls her back in. He sends her off and acts like he does not give a single fuck but then threatens to kill anyone if they touch her. His body and soul scream for her but his mouth tells her he does not want her, except not always. Nathanial craves her submission.

Stella is a smart mouthed, disobedient, bad ass bitch who refuses to take anyone’s shit. She calls Nathanial out on his bullshit and revels in the consequences. Her body and soul scream for Nathanial but she doesn’t bother to try and hide it. She wants everything he has to offer and she will let him know.

Their love requires sacrifice and choices. Nathanial has a secret that prevents him from claiming Stella. He doesn’t want his secret out because he is afraid of her rejecting him. Their love takes you on a journey through dimensions, some rejection and heartbreak, some dominance and submission, some steamy foreplay and sex, blood, violence, possession, and a whole lot more. There is so much more than fallen angels and demons at play. There is more than just the upside and Arcadia.

Stella and Nathanial have to overcome their bullshit and come together in order to save each other, but they don’t know that yet. Luna, Elijah, Stella, Nathanial, and others have become a little family and will do anything to protect each other. There are unknown forces at work trying to tear them apart and kill them. Stella has to work hard to hone in on her skills and powers as well as work even harder to learn to control herself. There are so many revelations especially as the book gets closer to the end.

It does end on a slight cliffhanger that does not really have to do with Nathanial and Stella but with other characters who become very important throughout this story.

It is hard to write about without spoilers because so much happens. I may make another post with some spoilers if you all are interested. I absolutely loved this book. Fated (book one) was also super amazing! I’ll leave the link to my goodreads review of both of those books below. I really encourage you to go read these badass books especially if you like fallen angels and demons.

Descent review-

Fated review-

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