DESCENT (Fated Series #2) by Liza James is now LIVE and FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Stella’s days and nights are filled with never ending hunger and manipulation. She’s adjusting to her new nature in the midst of chaos. But Nathanial’s volatile temperament is growing more erratic as he watches her. He has his own reasons, things that inhibit him from stepping in, but when the pain pulls too tightly, what will he do when he snaps?

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Read FATED, the first book in the series:

Descent by Liza James

Cover by: Books and Moods Designs
Paranormal Dark Romance
⚠️ *Trigger Warning: Rape and Sexual Assault. Violence. Recommended for ages 18+.
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I’ve become something unrecognizable.

My body and mind are split with demands that terrify me. I know the only person who can help satisfy the hunger is the one person I want to kill.

But I have my own theories, my own intuition that implies someone else can feed me like no other. I’m drawn to him like a spark to his flame. He ignites my spirit but amplifies the excruciating appetite.

Because he won’t give in, and now I’m left in haunting nightmares of temptation.

Hungry. Reckless. Wild.

I’m losing myself to the darkness, but I think I like the destruction.


She’s a thorn in my side, that one.

The ever-present pain that agonizes my thoughts and fuels my anger.

She awakens my corruption, stirring my need to dominate and ruin her.

She doesn’t know what I am. She doesn’t understand what I’d be able to do.

But she can never know.

I made a deal with the Devil a long time ago and there’s no going back.


“Sweet Stella, my Stella. I’m getting closer.” Danner’s voice rips through my body like metal claws, tearing at my skin and spilling my blood. It’s the quiet way his voice slips through my ears this time, without the construct of a nightmare surrounding me.
It’s only the darkness. The black abyss that houses his bitter tenor.
I don’t respond, I don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing I’m affected. I fed earlier and I’m strong enough to fight back tonight.
“Closer to finding you, my little Succubus. Closer to having your body underneath mine again, feeling you writhe and fight and then succumb to the darkness inside of you.”
My heart rate kicks up, a thin web of fear threads through my mind at his mention of finding me. How could he? No one knows where we live now.
“You didn’t think I’d ever give up on finding you, did you? You didn’t actually think you were safe? I warned you. Told you not to get too close to them. I’m coming for you, and I’ll kill all of them once I have you.”
Fear grips my mind and tears me apart. I’m putting my family in danger by being here. If he finds me—when he finds me—he’ll destroy them just to hurt me. My skin trembles with the idea that I could be the cause of my sister’s death. That she would lose her life, lose her love with Elijah because of me. Tears slip from my eyes as I part my lips to answer Danner, to fight back, or gain more knowledge, or offer myself in exchange for them. Something. Anything to save my sister.
But I’m suddenly silenced by a heavy hand as it slides over my mouth and tightly pulls my head back against a hard, strong body. I can’t tell if this is in my head, if I’m still asleep and in the wavering construct that Danner had communicated his voice through, or if this is real, and someone has climbed into my bed in the mansion where we all live.
Instantly, a terrifying fear that maybe this is Danner, and that he’s already found me whips through my body and causes me to jolt awake. I snap my eyes open but am still met with darkness, still with that heavy hand covering my mouth when I arch my back and fight to pull away from him.
“Shh. Shh.”
Nathanial. I don’t know how I missed it, that dark smoky scent mixed with the fresh blend of clean linens and a beachy breeze. Or the tie that silently resounds between us. I think it was the fear of Danner, it infected my mind and invaded every other sense I had that could help me discern that it’s Nathanial who’s climbed in my bed behind me. I can’t see him, I’m facing away, but his hard, large body is wrapped tightly around my smaller one. One of his hands slides under my waist as he drags me against him, nestling me tightly into the delicious space that charges between us. His other hand slips from my mouth, his fingers trailing slowly down my neck and across my collar bone.
Fear continues to linger in my bones, dancing across my flesh while we lay in the darkness. His steady touch strangely doesn’t comfort me. It adds to the adrenaline that already started coursing through me in my dream. After everything that happened earlier, I don’t find Nathanial relieving me of my nightmares. Instead, he elicits an entirely different fear, one that’s all consuming and intoxicating as his body envelopes mine.
Because while Danner has the ability to destroy everything around me, Nathanial would be the true cause of my own demise. Both men hold every bit of control over devastating me, for two very different reasons.
Nathanial’s touch settles over my chest, his palm resting flat against the space where my heart is hammering uncontrollably. I force even breaths to filter through my mouth as I let my eyes fall shut again. I’m not sure if Nathanial could hear what Danner was saying, if he had access to my nightmare in some way. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if he did, but I don’t want to know the answer right now. I don’t want to face another lie that he’s been telling me, another reason I need to push him away.
The darkness shelters our secrets and keeps them hidden. He can sneak in here, a concealed and easily ignored figment of my imagination.
So, I rest back into his touch, letting my body process and refine the mixed fears that work through my mind. I give in to sleep once again, and I know that when I wake in the morning, this will all be a foggy memory that holds no substance.

About the author:

I remember writing my first book when I was just a kid. It was a short children’s story that my mom loved so much, she took the time to get our friend to illustrate all of the pages.

I had decided back then, that when I grew up I was going to be an author. Funny how we grow up and things change so drastically, right? As I got older, I began the age old search of trying to figure out exactly what I wanted in life.

I got married at 18, moved across the world with my husband and spent the next several years trying so many different things in order to find my fit. I fell in love with so many things as well, including photography, calligraphy, music, and letterpress.

But writing and reading have always remained a constant love of mine. Oddly enough, it was the only thing I never spoke about. I kept it very private, starting several different stories and ultimately not finishing them. I never spoke about what I was writing with anyone, or very very few people once in a while. I didn’t even share what I wrote with my family or my husband.
I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a friend and a lover of many many things. But I am also a writer, I’m an author, and loving every moment of embracing myself in all of those things.

So, here I am today, writing this blurb about my “story” and laughing to myself just a bit. Because this is just the beginning of what my story was and is going to be, and I’m ready to embrace whatever this new adventure has for me.



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