Descent (Fated Series #2) by @lizajamesauthor is now LIVE and FREE in #KU!



“If you thought Fated blew your mind, Descent will take you one step further. I didn’t think Fated could be topped! Liza gave passion and angst a whole new meaning in this read.” @meganreads_ – Goodreads





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I’ve become something unrecognizable.

My body and mind are split with demands that terrify me. I know the only person who can help satisfy the hunger is the one person I want to kill.

But I have my own theories, my own intuition that implies someone else can feed me like no other. I’m drawn to him like a spark to his flame. He ignites my spirit but amplifies the excruciating appetite.

Because he won’t give in, and now I’m left in haunting nightmares of temptation.

Hungry. Reckless. Wild.

I’m losing myself to the darkness, but I think I like the destruction.


She’s a thorn in my side, that one.

The ever-present pain that agonizes my thoughts and fuels my anger.

She awakens my corruption, stirring my need to dominate and ruin her.

She doesn’t know what I am. She doesn’t understand what I’d be able to do.

But she can never know.

I made a deal with the Devil a long time ago and there’s no going back.

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