I plan to try and post at the end of every month all the books I read during that month. June was a good reading month for me. I read quite a few books.

1. Skeleton King- Charity B
2. Descent- Liza James
3. Rules of Bennett- Ember Michaels
4. You Will Bow- Ember Michaels
5. You Will Break- Ember Michaels
6. You Will Obey- Ember Michaels
7. My Girl- AJ Wolf
8. Conclave- Penelope Douglas
9. Truly- Carmel Rhodes
10. Fearless- Logan Fox & Esme Dublin
11. Awful Intentions- Elena Monroe
12. Awful Curse- Elena Monroe
13. The Reaper- Runyx
14. Sweet Poisons- Natalie Bennett
15. Sick Remedies- Natalie Bennett
16. The Predator- Runyx
17. Unorthodox- KV Rose
18. Breathe Me- Ivy Fox & CR Jane
19. Sing To Me- V Domino
20. Vicious- A.E. Murphy

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