My 5 Most Anticipated Upcoming Books

Boy of Ruin- KV Rose No release day yet but I can’t fucking wait for this one! The whole Unsainted Series by KV is everything! It is my favorite series so I am very impatiently waiting for this one.

Maleficium- Natalie Bennett Perriculum was so good, I read it all in one night! I stayed up until 3:30am not caring about work the next day because I had to DEVOUR that book! Naturally, I am ecstatic for the upcoming Maleficium.

Mine- AJ Wolf I love a good mafia series and AJ Wolf has not disappointed me with her Bloody Business series. Okay, well I was a tad disappointed with the ending of My Girl but that’s because Delaney chose wrong in my opinion. Anyway this will be the sort of prequel as it will give the background and start of Remy and Bev’s story which I am DYING for!

Nightfall- Penelope Douglas I was late AF to the Devil’s Night series. I just read the first 3 books in May. Holy Shit, they were amazing, IDK how or why I waited so long. If you haven’t go read them! Nightfall is the 4th and final book. This is Will’s book. Corrupt was Michael’s book, Hideaway was Kai’s book, and Killswitch was Damon’s book. Damon is my favorite. Can’t wait for Will’s book and to dive in to what happened and how they’re going to save him!

Breathe You- Ivy Fox & CR Jane Breathe Me fucking wrecked me and I NEED answers! I need this to be resolved, I need their love to fix itself. I need the boys to come back and pick up Val’s heart and hold it close!

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