Rules of Bennett Series

The Rules of Bennett series consists of 4 books (Rules of Bennett, You Will Bow, You Will Break, & You Will Obey). This series was darker than I expected. However, I still enjoyed it.

Bennett is the son of one of the head of families in the mafia. Bennett is told to kill a man who used to work with his father and his wife as well as kidnap their daughter. Bennett’s father tells him this woman was promised to the mafia by her father in order for him to leave the business. His father tells him he can keep the girl as his pet or whatever he wants to do with her.

Aurora is not what Bennett expects. She is feisty, smart mouthed, and refuses to submit or obey. Bennett has his work cut out for him. Bennett is a depraved man who feels close to nothing. Aurora is a woman who had it all- loving fiance, pent house apartment, makeup mogul, great supportive friends, that is, until Bennett came bursting in to her life. Now she has nothing and she is stuck with a man she loathes.

Aurora has to kill, watch people be killed, sees other women be raped, and she is raped herself. Bennett runs a sex trafficking ring of the mafia. Aurora sees him as this heartless, cruel, sick bastard. But, can she get through to him? Bennett knows Aurora is beautiful and as much as he gets pissed, he actually enjoys her smart mouth. What he does not tolerate, however, is her disobedience. Bennett demands submission and Aurora refuses. Aurora fights it with all her might. Bennett will reward for good behavior though and fuck if Aurora doesn’t enjoy that.

There is a lot of action, murder, creative ways to murder people, rape, hints of a past of molestation, depravity, abuse, dominance, submission, hate, violence, sex, and even some love in this series. It’s honestly just so much. But it is so well written. I devoured this series in one weekend. I could not put it down and had to have the next book immediately after finishing the last book.

I love reading the dark mafia romance books I find. I enjoy reading the violence, sex, murder, and then recognizing the point where they fall in love. It just proves that dark things and people need love too. I love the subtle changes that occur when the person falls in love. The violence and murder is just exciting and intriguing to read.

This series does have an HEA after it rips your heart out a little bit.

I absolutely recommend this series but do heed the trigger warnings. I don’t really have any triggers so I read pretty much anything and prefer my books to be dark and twisted.

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