R Holmes- new to me author that I LOVE

Okay! I seen a lot of posts about Misfit by R Holmes towards the end of August. Decided I had to read it. I DEVOURED it! It was so so good! Then I had to see what else R Holmes (or Ramzi) wrote.

Misfit is a dirty talking hired “problem solver.” He solves problems for some politicians and motorcycle clubs…typically by torturing and/or murdering people to get information or make problems go away. He works very closely with Elijah who is President of an MC. Misfit is not part of the MC but does jobs for Elijah, they have a good relationship. One night leaving a meeting, he hears some sounds in an alley. He finds a woman almost beaten to death and something tells him to save her. Once she’s healed he takes her with him trying to figure out who would want to hurt her like that. Then Elijah’s daughter is taken by rivals. Then Misfit’s girl goes missing. He has to find them both and save them. He had never had a relationship and this was why, with his work, no one would understand what he did and he felt having a woman he cared about would give him a weakness. He couldn’t resist her and the chemistry they have is undeniable. They have super hot sex too which is always a plus. I don’t want to give anything away but know there’s a lot of action, decent amount of sex, some romance, killing, kidnapping, and torturing. Basically everything you want from an MC type of dark romance book. I loved it so much!

After Misfit, I had to read more of Ramzi. So I read The Beginning of the End. This is a softer romance with still some dark themes. It is a second chance romance. Ambrey and Grey had an epic romance when they were younger. Unfortunately something happened and he ended up serving time in prison. She ended up leaving home. Now her parents have died, she has been offered a job, and she’s back home. Her and Grey run in to each other again. She hates him for leaving her and he hates her for giving up on him. There’s so much that both of them don’t know about each other and what really happened those years ago. They have this push and pull but neither wants to give in for fear of being hurt again. There’s so many unanswered questions that need settled first. Check this book out to see what happens. Theres some dark themes around Grey’s daughter &her drug addict mother throughout the story line as well. I loved their dynamic and how they worked it out. Great great second chance romance that’s lighter than I usually pick.

Okay, and after these two books I absolutely love Ramzi so much that when she opened her street team, I applied and I was accepted. So this was definitely a highlight from the past month or so after dealing with my mental heal rn. I am so excited to be on her team and am looking forward to more great books from her! Stay tuned as theres a couple in the works right now &I can’t wait to share with you all!

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