Top 5 Fav Authors

These are my top 5 fav authors meaning I will read whatever they publish! They all write dark romances and some are paranormal. I’ll have another post soon discussing my top 5 favorite books and telling you a bit about them. SPOILER- The books were written by these authors. 😉

  1. KV Rose- I will read literally ANYTHING this woman writes. Her books are dark and it seems each new one gets darker. Her books will break your heart a little while making you question your morals and sanity. If you like dark romance with some violence, blood, and steamy scenes check out any of her books.
  2. Liza James- She is a newer author with one book out and another two on the way. She writes paranormal so hers are dark with a paranormal twist. If you like demons,Angels, some violence or enemies to lovers go check her book out! Hers also has some pretty steamy scenes.
  3. AJ Wolf- She writes dark mafia romance books. Her books are a bit lighter than the other two but still with some fighting and murder. I mean, it is the mafia. Her books will also break your heart.
  4. Ivy Fox- She writes dark romance with reverse harems and enemies to lovers. I have read a few of her books and fell in love with her work. Her characters grow on you and make you love them. There is some violence, threatening, veiled murder, enemy to lover.
  5. Natalie Bennett- Her books are so dark and twisted. They fuck your mind but feed your dark littlesoul. There are several steamy scenes, hot guys, hot women, murder, twisted games, mystery, it’s always a surprise and an unknown. But once its figured out it’s so worth the confusion.

So those are my top 5 with a bit about them. Hope you’ll check them out and I’ll have more about their books up soon!!